results center summary

The Results Center is a simplified version of Outcomes in which faculty will only see the course sections they are being requested to provide results for. It mimics the experience of filling out a survey so that faculty can quickly enter their data and avoid confusion.

If a faculty member would like to access the full Outcomes site, they can toggle the view using the dropdown in the top right corner.

outcomes view toggle

How can my faculty see the Results Center?

The Results Center can only be viewable under certain conditions. We’re expanding the conditions, but in order to see the experience it is currently required that:

  1. Your institution must have Course Sections in Outcomes.
  2. Your institution must have an LMS integration with Outcomes.
  3. Your instructor must have at least one assessment assigned to them.
  4. The assessment(s) must be set to “Individual Student Scores”.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to remove unnecessary information, only course sections that have been requested to provide assessment results will display.

For a course section to display, it must:

  1. Have an associated outcome.
  2. The outcome must have an assessment.
  3. The faculty member must have an instructor role, via Core Data, on the course.
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