When student results are imported from the LMS (via the LMS gradebook or Canvas Outcomes) they will have the identifier stored in the learning management system. To update identifiers to match the external ID used within Campus Labs, a site administrator may want to periodically use the LMS User Mapping Tool, found on the Settings screen:


To use the User Mapping Tool:

1) Export a user file out of the learning management system. (You may need to work with your LMS administrator to retrieve this file.) Save it to your computer, and import the file in Outcomes by selecting "Choose File" and then "Preview Results."


2) From the dropdown, select the column header that contains the Campus Labs external ID value. In the blue bar, you will be reminded of your own external ID format as a reminder.


3.) Review the updates in the preview screen and confirm that the identifier will be updated to the correct External ID. Then, select "Update Users." The imported LMS user IDs in Outcomes will then be updated to the external ID as shown in the preview.


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