Outcomes users can import student-level results from their Canvas or Blackboard Gradebook easily when this LMS integration is enabled.


Enabling LMS Integrations

Enabling LMS integrations are available to institutions with data collection included as part of their license. When available, LMS integrations with Outcomes can be set up by a site administrator working with their Blackboard or Canvas LMS administrator. Navigate to Settings > General Settings > Individual Student Scores and Rubrics > Enabled. Check the "LMS" box and complete the steps in the instructions for either Blackboard or Canvas.





If you have questions about whether data collection is included in your institution's license, please contact support@campuslabs.com


Using LMS Integrations

1.) To use this feature, first create an assessment for an outcome with the individual scores "result type":


2.) From the outcome screen, select "add results." This will trigger a modal, where you will select "import from LMS."


(The first time you use this feature, you will have to enter your Canvas or Blackboard credentials to provide Campus Labs Outcomes with permission to access your data in the LMS. This will only need to be completed once.)

3.) Use the term filter and course search in order to find the course from Canvas or Blackboard that contains data related to this assessment. Select the assignment, and click "add results."


You can also select multiple assignments at once if you want those results to all be tied to the same assessment in Outcomes. This is typically used for Programs or Courses in Outcomes that need data from multiple LMS courses, all for the same assessment.

LMS import multi-selection

If you do select multiple assignments, you'll be prompted to review the data before its pulled into Outcomes.

LMS import multi-selection review

4.) Student scores will be imported from the LMS gradebook* and automatically bucketed into the appropriate achievement level based on the assessment's thresholds. You are now ready to complete the rest of the assessment information requested on your institution's template.


*Note: The gradebook column cannot be a "Calculated" grading type (i.e., a column with a formula applied to calculate its value).


To update student usernames with the external ID utilized in the rest of the Campus Labs ecosystem, see this article: LMS User Mapping Tool (For Site Admins)

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