This week, you may notice small changes to the Outcomes interface. We have made some adjustments to enhance usability.

When manually creating a course to the organization tree, you must indicate first if it will have sections so we can provide more guidance for how core data can be leveraged. Also, the Pending Updates section now has verbiage that addresses how moving units/courses are addressed, as well as how Academic Programs are handled.



Additionally, some fields related to assessments were moved from the "results" template to the "assessment" template. These adjustments allow the flow of work performed in Outcomes to be better aligned with the kinds of assessment activities that are completed at particular times throughout the assessment cycle. It also allows us to make more assessment data available to copy in bulk at the start of a new data collection period, so stay tuned for more on that development!


Lastly, the main navigation has been modified for better accessibility and visual clarity.


- The Outcomes Team

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