Flexibility & Autonomy for Organizational Chart Management: Now At Your Fingertips

Our latest release to Outcomes opens up management of site structure to you—the people who know it best. Outcomes site administrators can now:

  • Modify the Outcomes organizational chart for each academic year—without impacting the data structure of other Campus Labs products
  • Remove academic semesters that won’t house assessment data from Outcomes
  • Choose which organizational units, courses, and course sections should be imported from Core Data
  • Bulk hide organizational units and courses in the organizational chart

These new capabilities should give you the tools you need to:

  • Adjust the organizational chart for each year, with a historical representation of prior years’ organizational charts and all outcome connections intact
  • Represent the structure for assessment in Outcomes differently than what appears in other Campus Labs products
  • Make needed changes confidently and safely

For more detail on this functionality, check out this support documentation.

The Outcomes Team

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