1. Canvas courses/outcomes don't load when I click the "LMS Import" button in Anthology Outcomes. What could be causing this?

First, check and make sure you have the correct role on the course in Canvas. In Canvas, you will need to have one of the following course-level roles in all the courses where you want to import data fromStudent, TeacherTADesignerObserver. This ensures that no one is gaining access to data in Campus Labs that they wouldn't already have access to in Canvas. 

  • Note: If the courses are closed, a user will need Teacher permissions in Canvas in order to import data from the courses into Outcomes. If the user is a Student, TA, Designer, or Observer, closed courses will not appear in their list of course options in the integration.

Next, check and make sure that the courses you expect to see populating in Anthology Outcomes have Canvas outcomes that have collected data. The Outcomes integration with Canvas leverages data from the Outcomes feature of Canvas. This ensures that data pulled into Campus Labs for the purposes of demonstrating institutional learning performance includes results that are the result of intentional assessment efforts by faculty members. 

Finally, make sure you still have access to the data in Canvas. Canvas has a setting that lets you decide how long people have access to the data from a term. Please check to make sure this setting matches your needs appropriately. 

Please note, Anthology will not be able to change or check your Canvas settings. These actions will have to be completed by someone with the proper access on your campus. We suggest you reach out to your campus’s LMS administrator for more information. You can also read more about the different permissions in Outcomes and Canvas here.  

If you have checked all of the above and cannot explain the issue, please submit a support ticket by emailing support@campuslabs.com 


2. What type of integration is the Outcomes integration with Canvas?

The Anthology Outcomes integration with Canvas uses the OAuth2 standard. Data is transferred to Anthology using the Canvas API.


3. What data from Canvas is pulled into Anthology Outcomes when using the integration?

The following data points from Canvas are transferred to Anthology Outcomes when the integration is used: Course Code, Course Name, Course ID, Outcome Title, Outcome Statement, Outcome ID, Assignment Name, Assignment Date, Submission Type, Outcome Score, Use Rubric for Grading, Student First and Last Name, Canvas User ID.


4. What happens if the result scale in Canvas is different from the result scale in Anthology Outcomes? 

Anthology Outcomes requires the use of one institutional results scale. If the results scales across assessments in Canvas are different, Anthology will employ an intelligent algorithm to transform results into the institutions chosen results scale. You are not required to do anything for the algorithm to work. Only under specific circumstances will the algorithm be unable to import results.


5. Once I have pulled Canvas data into Anthology Outcomes, what will happen if the results change in Canvas? Canvas data is pulled into Anthology Outcomes one time, statically.  If any changes are made to the data in Canvas, you will have to remove the static results for the outcome or assignment in Outcomes and re-import the edited results. Anthology strongly recommends you confirm all data has been completed and entered in Canvas before importing. Most institutions pull data into Outcomes one time at the end of a data collection period, such as the end of an academic semester or academic year.    


6. I just used the LMS Import button for the first time and I'm being asked to provide my Canvas credentials. Why?

When you select the LMS Import option for an outcome for the first time, you will have to verify your Canvas credentials. You will be asked to either affirm and verify your Canvas credentials or you will be asked to enter your Canvas credentials. This is for security and ensures that you are accessing the data from Canvas that you should be able to see based on your permissions. Please note, each user will only be asked to do this on the first instance of importing data. You will not have to repeat the action every time you choose to import data from Canvas to Outcomes.  


7. Do students have to do anything different if my campus is using the Canvas integration with Outcomes?

No. Students will only engage with Canvas in the same way they would engage with the LMS otherwise.


8. Do faculty have to do anything different if my campus is using the Canvas integration with Outcomes?

Potentially. Faculty members do not have to log into Anthology Outcomes in order for their data to be aggregated at the program- or institution-level.

However, the Canvas integration with Anthology Outcomes relies on use of the outcomes feature in Canvas. Institutions may choose to implement that feature in Canvas in different ways, depending on what makes sense for them. In some implementations, courses are set up with outcomes and associated data collection methods (rubrics, question banks) for the faculty member. In other implementations, faculty members create their own outcomes and data collection methods (rubrics, question banks) on their own. For more information on setting up and using the Canvas Outcomes feature, see Canvas' admin guide. Canvas also has a helpful guide for instructors to use their Outcomes feature.  


9. I just made a change to my data in Canvas. How soon can I import into Anthology Outcomes to see the updated data?

Once a user has clicked the "import from LMS" button in Anthology Outcomes and synced data from the LMS, it will be approximately 15 minutes before that data is refreshed when importing subsequent times in Anthology Outcomes.

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