Only site administrators have the ability to edit and remove terms. Before you can initialize a new year you will want to make sure that the academic year and terms have been provided to Core Data through our Data Management tool. If you are not familiar with your process, see your institution's Data Manager for further information or review our Core Data documentation. 


Updating changes to Time Periods & Terms 

Once Terms have been uploaded in Data Management, navigate in Outcomes to Settings > Time Period ManagementIn the list of terms, click on the Manage link for the Term that requires updates. From the flyout pane, you’ll see within the Updates section if the Time Period is Up to Date or if Updates Are Available, in which case you may just click the Apply Updates button to pull in your changes from Data Management. This will update any changes made to the Time Period itself, as well as to its Terms. 

Please note that performing this action will also pull in Terms that may have been previously deleted in Outcomes. If you don't want those Terms to appear, you'll have to remove them again.


Deactivating a Time Period 

If you want to remove a Time Period completely from Outcomes, you will need to be within Settings > Time Period Management. From here you can click on the Manage link for the appropriate Time Period, which will open the flyout pane, where you will find the Danger Zone. The first option in the list allows for Deactivating the entire Time Period. Once the Deactivate button is pressed, you will receive a warning message notifying you that outcomes, assessments, and templates will be deleted if you choose to proceed. If you are okay with these items being deleted, you will have to confirm by typing in the name of the time period out and then clicking on the Deactivate time period button. 

Once a Time Period has been deactivated, it can be reactivated at any point, but the previously mentioned data will not remain. 


Removing a Term 

Terms can only be removed if there is more than one, since a time period requires a minimum of one term to work within Outcomes. If you need to remove the only Term that exists, then you must add another Term through Data Management first and update those changes in Outcomes (see above).  

If you have more than one existing Term, then you may click on the Remove button for the corresponding Term. Once you click the button to remove, you will be prompted with a warning that assessments and results, assigned and related connections, section-level outcomes, and sections will be deleted by performing the action. If you are okay with these items being deleted, you will have to confirm by typing in the name of the term out and then clicking on the Remove term button.  


Once a Term has been deactivated, if you need to add it back, you can do so by clicking on the Apply Updates button at the top of the flyout pane (may require a page refresh). 


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