You can export your raw Outcomes data in Excel format from Settings > Exports


On this page, you need to select the time period you'll be downloading (annual term) and the resource. The Outcomes data export is broken into three separate resources: Outcomes, Assessments, and Student Results.

If you receive an error upon selecting "export," there is no data for the selected time period. Please note that data is processed nightly and will be available for export within 24 hours, so it is advisable to wait at least one day after a period of data collection before exporting files.


These resources can be opened in Excel for further analysis.

Data will be combined onto one file automatically as appropriate. This allows you to conveniently view all the associated data about a resource without merging files.

Export files separately if you would like to review all information about a resource, regardless of whether it has associated data on a subsequent resource. For example:

  • Exporting the Outcome resource alone will include all outcome statements, regardless of whether they have collected assessment information and results.
  • The Assessment resource alone will include all assessments and associated outcomes, regardless of whether they have results.
  • The Use Of Results resource alone will include data provided on the "use of results" field* for corresponding outcomes and assessments. *Please note the this field is customizable, and therefore may have a different name in your campus' Outcomes site.
  • The Student Result resource will only provide data on outcomes and assessments that have results associated with them.

For a detailed data dictionary, please see the attached Excel document.

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