The Canvas Integration with Outcomes will instantly aggregate course-level data captured in Canvas, engage faculty members in assessment using familiar LMS rubric and question bank assessment tools, and concentrate important assessment efforts on use of results and closing the loop instead of documentation and analysis.

When using the integration, we have prepared a list of items that will help you understand the actions needed to set up the integration successfully. The process below will outline our best practice recommendations to manage the workflow necessary to be set up for success and start using the integration.



Curriculum Mapping: Campus Labs recommends that our members first take some time to align their program level outcomes to their course level outcomes. It will be much easier to use the integration when the courses that are contributing to program level assessments have already been identified. This step is done outside of Outcomes and Canvas.

Identifying Roles: It is also helpful to identify the individuals on campus who will be responsible for utilizing the integration in Outcomes. They will need the proper Outcomes and Canvas permissions and will need to be trained on how to use the integration. You will also want to identify your Canvas Administrator whose input is required in future steps.  

Setting Up Canvas: Once you understand your curriculum map, you will need to set up Canvas to do course level assessment using the Canvas outcomes feature. Campus Labs cannot assist in this process. We advise that you reach out to your Canvas Administrator to discuss this process.

Entering Data in Canvas: Once this feature is set up, it is important to have faculty collecting the course level data. Canvas courses must have data entered for their outcomes in order to be available in Campus Labs Outcomes.

Technical Implementation: If you have completed the processes outlined above, you are now ready to create the Canvas Integration with Outcomes and use it immediately. The next step is to complete the technical set up. This is a quick process which our specialist will be able to work you through in one phone call. Please email to request a Canvas-Outcomes Technical Implementation Set-Up Call. You will also need to coordinate with your Canvas Administrator for this call as well.

Training End Users and Using the Integration: After the technical implementation is properly completed, you are now ready to use the integration. When users log in to Outcomes for the first time after the integration is established, they will receive an in-app tutorial on how to use the integration. This will only occur for the first log in. To assist after this initial log in, we have also created a step-by-step guide that will work end users through the process of using the integration. 

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