This resource will discuss the different permissions sets needed to use the Outcomes integrations with Canvas and Blackboard. There are two different set of permissions used with this integration: LMS Permissions and Anthology Outcomes Permissions.


LMS Permissions

Using Canvas or Blackboard permissions, you will be importing outcome assessments and data from the LMS into Anthology Outcomes. This means the person who will complete the import action in Outcomes will need to have the proper permissions in the LMS to all the courses they will be importing data from. 

Please note, Anthology will not be able to change or check your LMS settings. These actions will have to be completed by someone with the proper access on your campus. We suggest you reach out to your campus’s LMS administrator for more information. 



In Canvas, you will need to have one of the following course-level roles in all the courses where you want to import data from: 

  • Student 
  • Teacher 
  • TA 
  • Designer 
  • Observer  

Canvas permissions have a setting that lets you decide how long people have access to the data from a term. Please check to make sure this setting matches your needs appropriately. 

  • Note: If the courses are closed when using the integration, a user will need Teacher permissions in Canvas in order to import data from the closed courses into Outcomes. If the user is a Student, TA, Designer, or Observer, closed courses will not appear in their list of course options in the integration.

You will also need to enable the Learning Outcomes add/edit/delete feature. When in Outcomes, the person performing the import will only have access to outcome data in the courses where they meet the aforementioned requirements in for Canvas.  


Blackboard Permissions

In Blackboard, you will need to have one of the following course-level roles in all the courses where you want to import data from: 

  • Facilitator
  • Instructor
  • Student
  • TA
  • Grader

Anthology Permissions  

The person performing the import must have access to the organizational unit in Outcomes where assessment data will be imported toThis person will need a minimum of Creator permission at the given organizational unit.

For example, if you will be accessing the integration to import assessment data for the courses in an academic program, you will need at least Creator permissions at that program in Outcomes to complete the action. Please note, you do not need permission at each individual course within Anthology Outcomes to access LMS course data. You can reach out to your campus’s Outcomes Site Administrator for more information.  

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