This article will provide a brief review of the necessary steps to use the Outcomes-Canvas Integration in your site.  

Complete Technical Set-up 

  • Some technical set-up is required. If your campus has not yet completed this set-up, please email or reach out to your Campus Labs Consultant. This step only has to be completed once at your institution to enable the option for all users. This step will also require coordination with your LMS Administrator so please identify this position on campus.

 Canvas Permissions 

  • Using Canvas permissions, you will be importing outcome assessments and data from Canvas into Campus Labs Outcomes. This means the person who will complete the import action in Outcomes will need to have the proper permissions in Canvas to all the courses they will be accessing data from.
  • Canvas also a setting that lets you decide how long people have access to the data from a term. Please check to make sure this setting matches your needs appropriately. 
  • Please note, Campus Labs will not be able to change or check your Canvas settings. These actions will have to be completed by someone with the proper access on your campus. We suggest you reach out to your campus’s LMS administrator for more information. You can also read more about the different permissions in Outcomes and Canvas here 

 Campus Labs Permissions 

  • The person performing the import in Outcomes must have access to the organizational unit in Outcomes where assessment data will be imported to. This person will need a minimum of Creator permission at the given organizational unit.For example, if you will be accessing the integration to import assessment data from the courses in an academic program, you will need at least Creator permission at that program in Outcomes to import data.
  • Please note, you do not need permission at each individual course within Campus Labs Outcomes to access Canvass course data. You can reach out to your campus’s Outcomes Site Administrator for more information. You can also read more about the different permissions in Outcomes and Canvas here

 In-App Tutorial 

  • When you log into Outcomes for the first time, you will be provided with an in-app tutorial to walkthrough the Import from Canvas process. Please note, this will only appear on the first log-in for each user after the feature has been enabled. We strongly recommend that you notify campus users about the In-App Tutorial before enabling the Canvas-Outcomes integration.


Initial usage 

  • When you select the LMS Import option for an outcome for the first timeyou will have to verify your Canvas credentials. You will be asked to either affirm and verify your Canvas credentials or you will be asked to enter your Canvas credentials. Please note, each user will only be asked to do this on the first instance of importing data. They will not have to repeat the action every time they choose to import data from Canvas to Outcomes.  

Data Notes 

This section will provide a few notes on the imported assessment data that Site Admins should be awae of.

  • Results Scale - Outcomes requires the use of one institutional results scaleIf the results scales across assessments in Canvas are different, Campus Labs will employ an intelligent algorithm to transform results into the institutions chosen results scale. You are not required to do anything for the algorithm to work. Only under specific circumstances will the algorithm be unable to import results. If you see an error message when importing a specific course assessment, please submit a ticket to


  • Static Results - When assessment results are imported from Canvas into Outcomes, they are not live. If any changes are made to the data in Canvas, you will have to remove the static results for the outcome or assignment in Outcomes and re-import the edited results. Campus Labs strongly recommends you confirm all data has been completed and entered in Canvas before importing.  


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