This article will review the process of using multiple assessments of a learning outcome in the same organizational unit. 

Users can conduct multiple assessments of an outcome in the same organizational unit.


Adding Assessments

Users can select the Create Assessment button, located to the right of the Assessment sub-header to create an assessment. Creating a new assessment does not affect existing assessments of the outcome at the organizational unit.


Selecting Results

When multiple assessments of an outcome within the same organizational unit are conducted, a user will have to select which assessment results they want to use to represent the assessment of the outcome in the Evaluated Results area. The Evaluated Results area shows the set of results that will represent the Outcomes and they are the results that can be passed along Connections. 


To select the results that will represent the outcome assessment, users select an option from the drop-down menu located in the top-right of the assessment window.


There are three options to choose from: sum, latest, or individual assessment results.



The sum option will calculate outcome achievement by summing the number of students who have achieved each level in the institutional scale across all assessments. It will add up the individual assessments into one set of summed results. The sum total will update whenever a new assessment adds results, deleted, or changed.



This option will select the latest set of assessment results. This is chosen by the Begin Date entered in the Assessment template. Results will update to select the latest Begin Date if new assessment results are added or deleted.


Individual Assessment Results

This option allows users to select a single assessment to represent the results for the outcome assessment. The drop-down menu will show the name of each existing assessment. Select the name of the assessment the user wants to count toward the aggregate result.


 The results will reflect the assessment that was chosen.


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