The Outcomes endpoints provide a means of performing bulk Outcomes operations such as importing, retrieving, and deleting. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that arise when using the Outcomes API.

1.  Can I utilize only the outcomes endpoints or the assessment endpoints, or do I have to use both?

 If a campus wants to use the assessment endpoints, they will need to also use the outcomes endpoints. This is because an `assessment` record requires the `outcomesIdentifier` which can only be entered in to the system via the outcome endpoints.  However, campuses can just use the outcomes endpoints while choosing not to use the assessment endpoints.

2.  For assessment data, can I bring over student level data?

The assessment data has to be structured in the Total Achievement Level option format.  You cannot bring over student level data with the Outcome API.  

3.  Does it matter what order I post outcomes and assessments in?

Yes, outcomes must be posted prior to assessments being posted.

4.  Is every field required? 

Yes, every field in the API attributes must be populated and is required when using the API.

5.  Where do I find the “outcomeIdentifier” when setting up my assessment import?

 These need to match the Unique Identifier for that outcome statement that you have in the Post/Outcomes API.   

6.  Where do I find the “containerIdentifier” when setting up my assessment import?

 This needs to match the unique identifier that your institution provided as a part of your Core Data implementation for the Organizational Unit, Course, or Section where the outcome is being assessed.

7.  Can I import outcome statements and assessments to an academic program?

At this point, the API only supports importing Outcomes attached to Org Units, Courses, or Sections.

8.  Does it matter what order outcome statements are sent over using the API?

Yes, the order in which outcomes are imported when using the Outcomes API is what sets the order you see in the user interface. As a note you can re-order outcome statement manually in the user interface.

9.  Are all the fields within the Outcomes, Assessment and Results templates available using the API?

Currently you are unable to capture desired degree of learning and use of results using the API.

*For any outcomes, assessments and results entered directly into Outcomes using the interface, a user would be able to indicate the desired degree of learning and the use of results if the fields are enabled.

10.  Can I customize the templates that are being used to populate the outcomes and assessments I am posting through the API?

At this time, you are unable to customize the built-in template that is used for imports only through the API.

*For any outcomes, assessments and results entered using the interface, you will be able to customize the templates and instructions.

11.  Can a user make changes to data that was posted in Outcomes using the API?

Yes, a user can make modifications to data that has been populated using the API. However, if you re-import it would overwrite any manual changes that had been made.

12.  Can I set my Outcomes institutional scale prior to sending data over using the API?

We suggest that an institutions Outcomes scale should be set prior to importing data via the API. The number of scale points your institution decides on should correlate with the counts that you populate (you can’t start your counts on count 3 for example).

count1 (integer):The number of scores in the first scale result bracket (default = "Not Met"),

count2 (integer):The number of scores in the second scale result bracket (default = "Partially Met"),

count3 (integer):The number of scores in the third scale result bracket (default = "Met"),

count4 (integer):The number of scores in the fourth scale result bracket (default = "Exceeded"),

count5 (integer):The number of scores in the fifth scale result bracket (default = Not Used)

13.  Can the count1 match what was indicated as the minimumScore for an assignment?

The count1 needs to be a number larger than the minimumScore? 

14.  Can the count5 match what was indicated as the maxScore for an assignment?

The count5 needs to be a number less than the maxScore. 

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