Now that implementation is close to finishing, it is time to think about who will be strong proponents of the Outcomes solution at your institution.  This resource will explain how Administrator and Early Adopter Training can be beneficial for assessment professionals and provide recommendation for creating your own.  It is helpful to give these Early Adopters an in-depth education in the functionality and usage of the Outcomes Tool.  

Why is an Administrator and Early Adopter Training Manual (s) a good idea?

  • It is helpful for promoting adoption:  Early Adopters and Administrators can help answer questions and address concerns about the tool.  They can act as a positive resource to support the platform and help to assure that the tool is being used correctly.
  • It can boost faculty and staff Buy-in: These Early Adopter and Administrators will be able to explain and discuss how each individual faculty or staff member's actions contribute to the broader solution.  They will be able to discuss and demonstrate the value of the tool to the broader audience at your institution and help drive towards meaningful adoption of the solution.  

Training Examples

The purpose of these training is to explain full functionality and usage of the Outcomes platform to select users without having to make Core Data or Settings choices.  To discuss the format and creation of Core Data Files, or to discuss all the behind-the-scene settings, please talk to your Campus Labs Consultant about implementation training. 

Training Guides can be pieced together by using various Campus Labs Resources to capture the relevant knowledge.  Navigate the Outcomes Support Page to find the right resources.  You can look at this example which was created for a team of Early Adopters at a member campus. 

Where do I start?

  • Decide what information these contacts need to know.  Break this information down into modules of related items that a user can learn. 
  • Select the appropriate resources to provide with each module to ensure everyone has enough information.  
  • Feel free to download a copy of the example and modify it according to your needs.
  • It is helpful for the Early Adopters and Administrators to also know about the broader project or plan that the outcomes assessment is helping to inform.  This can help these individuals connect tool usage to meaningful impacts on campus.  This helps build buy-in.    



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