What are the responsibilities of an Outcomes Primary Contact?   

This role is responsible for the direction and goals of assessment on campus.  They should have a good understanding of the Assessment Cycle and their campus' assessment plan.  They should be able to articulate clear expectations to their users as to the quality, quantity, and format that assessment will occur in.  They will be responsible for representing the Outcomes platform with a high level understanding of its relationship to the campus’ assessment strategy. Primary Contacts often serve as Site Administrator as well.   

On other Campuses, who has been a Baseline Primary Contact?   

Primary Contacts have held titles such as Director of Assessment, Director of Institutional Research, AVP of Academic Affairs, Director of Student Life.     

What is the level of involvement and time commitment of a Baseline Primary Contact in orientation and implementation?     

Orientation Technical Implementation Implementation Training Launch On-Going Support
High Medium Medium High Low




What is the level of involvement and time commitment of a Baseline Primary Contact after launch? 

The Primary Contact will be a contact point on campus for users as well as a contact point for Campus Labs Consultants for regular check-ins around meeting assessment goals, product updates, and product communications.   


NOTE: Roles are not exclusive. An individual may fill multiple roles based on the goals and workflow of your institution and a role may be filled by multiple people. The individual(s) will be responsible for all responsibilities and time commitments in each role. As decisions are made regarding the coordination, timeline, and roles of campus members, consideration of these factors will be essential to a successful implementation.  

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