Is your assessment process ready for a new academic year? We’ve been hard at work getting our tools in shape to support your campus as you welcome students back this fall. To kick off the semester, we are excited to share some product updates with our member campus community.

Rubric Dimension Picker for Outcomes

We know that some Outcomes users have aligned their rubric dimensions to specific outcomes being tracked at the course, program, school/college, or institution level within the Outcomes tool. With this in mind, users leveraging the Baseline Rubrics tool for assessment will now be able to select data from a particular dimension (or set of dimensions) that should be used as evidence of outcome achievement in Outcomes. For a step-by-step description of this new feature please see our article on how to import a Campus Labs Rubric into Outcomes.

Planning Organizational Chart Management

Navigating organizational structure changes is an expected, but often frustrating, element of any annual reporting process. We recently made some enhancements to the way site administrators can manage their organizational structure in the new Planning interface. Among other things, you can now seamlessly add new units to years in the future or past and view an activity log for organizational unit changes over time. In response to user feedback, we have also made the process of adding and renaming units easier. Read all about these exciting updates to org chart management.

Relocating Planning Items

Planning Items can now be moved between providing departments after creation, without losing important data. Simply search for and select the new unit to make the move. Learn more about this feature and review the basics on adding new Planning Items.

Report Generation Notifications

We have added notifications to keep you updated on progress as CSV reports generate in the background while you work within Planning. This functionality will allow you to view a history of downloaded CSV reports, while providing visibility into report generation status. Our article on report generation provides more detail on what to expect.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation call or reach out to our support team.

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