Institutions have the option to import rubrics and their accompanying rosters and scores into Outcomes (please see the Rubrics Support Site to learn how to create rubrics).

If a user does not see the option to Import a Rubric, this means the option has not been enabled for your institution.

To import a rubric assessment into Outcomes, users must have already completed assessments or assignments using the Anthology Rubrics tool. Importing Rubrics can be accomplished by selecting the Import Rubrics option.

A new window will show Users a list of their Assessments and Assignments that they have evaluated. From here, Users can filter by Assessment or Assignment as well as by Term to make the specific evaluation easier to find. Once the appropriate rubric has been selected, a user would click the Select Dimensions button. 



Next, the user will see the list of dimensions (and descriptions of each dimension if these were included on their Rubric Template). From here the user can choose to include (or exclude) dimensions of the rubric as needed.


Once all needed dimensions have been selected the user will click the Update button. This will bring over the student's scores for the dimensions that were selected. Student names and scores cannot be edited in the Outcomes platform when importing rubrics.  If Thresholds requirements have been entered before importing, student scores will automatically be placed into the corresponding categories.


If Threshold's were not set before the roster is imported, users will need to fill out Thresholds information to create the criteria for the Results Scale Units (if using points please keep in mind the Maximum Potential Point value of your dimensions should match your maximum point value of your thresholds unless there was possible extra credit).

Once Thresholds have been filled out, the individual scores will automatically populate the corresponding Scale Unit. From here, a user would be able to populate the other fields in the Results Template. Results are not saved until users click the Submit button on the bottom right hand side of the page of the page. 

*Please note, your highest threshold cannot be the same as your maximum score.  

Students with no Rubric Score

If a rubric entry is being pulled into Outcomes with no score attached to it, the entry will nulled in Outcomes. Nulled results will appear blank, indicating there is no score.  The color-coded key indicating what results scale category the entry has been placed into, will appear blank as well. This means no score will appear for the entry in Outcomes, and that nulled value will not be used in any type of data aggregation or data visual. 

Some reasons for the nulled scores could be:

  • the student's entry is marked INCOMPLETE in Rubrics.
  • the student received N/A on all dimensions of the rubric
  • the student received N/A on the dimension(s) selected in Outcomes

Rubric entries with a score of zero will still be imported and appear in Outcomes.  

This screenshot shows a visual representation of a nulled score. The last entry was not scored in Rubrics. When pulled over into Outcomes, it appears blank with no score.


In the assessment results data visualizations, you can see that the nulled score was not included in calculations. The screenshot below is the visualization of the results scale from the previous data entries and only reflects the two rubric entries with scores. 


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