Assignment chains represent the path created though assigned connections.  An assignment chain appear in the Connection Window once a learning outcome is open.  Each organizational unit represent a link in the chain.  When an organizational unit is on the chain, it means a report for that learning outcome will be produced at the corresponding unit.


The starting link of the chain will represent the organizational unit where the learning outcome was written or the organizational unit where you have accessed the learning outcome.

  • In this example, the starting link is Demo University.  


The last chain represents the last organizational where the outcome as assigned.  

  • In this example, the end link is the course Construction 110 (CNST 110).


All other organizational units that are links on the chain will appear listed above the end point in the Connections Window. 

  • In this example, the connections was assigned from Demo University to Academic Affairs to the College of Industrial Technology to the Construction Unit to the course Construction 110.  


An assignment chain will be created for every end point.  

  • In this example, there are three different assignment chains.  Even though the starting chain and supporting links are the same, the different end points create three different assignment chains.  The assignment chains end at Construction 110, Construction 120, and Construction 126.




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