You can turn on a setting to automatically fill in the assignment chain down the hierarchy. If you assign a connection from your highest reporting level directly to where the assessment will occur, you will be able to toggle on a switch and create additional reports at all of the organizational units in between. Please note, the default is to have this feature turned on.  

To start, navigate to the appropriate organizational unit where you have written the learning outcome and open the learning outcome.  Choose the option to create Connections and select the Assigned Connection option.

  • In this example, I have wrote the learning outcome ILO 1 Quantitative Reasoning and I have navigated to the learning outcome in the correct term and opened the Connections Window.


Before creating the assigned connection, check to make sure that the Connect Units Up Switch is toggled to one.  On is the default setting.  This setting will automatically fill in links on the assignment chain between the direct links.  The switch is toggled on when it appears green and the circle is on the right side of the display.  Any time you toggle Connect Units Up off, the feature will be disabled for that outcome.  When Connect Units Up is toggled off, it will appear orange and the circle will be on the left side.


Create a direct assignment link to your assessment end point.  You may do this by clicking the title of the organizational unit to go further down the organizational hierarchy.

  • In this example, I will create an assignment chain directly from Academic Affairs to the course Economics 210.  With the Connect Units Up toggled on, the platform will automatically pass the connection through units on the assignment chain path.  The assignment chain will then be created from Academic Affairs to the College of Business  to the Economics Department and to the course Economics 210. 


Always remember to Save any assignment chain you have made. 

Once the assignment chain has been saved, toggling the switch off will stop the Connect Units Up feature for any other connections that are made on the assignment chain.  It will not remove the assigned connection that were made through the option.  

  • In this example, I toggled Connect Units Up off.  I then made a direct connection between Academic Affairs and the course Economics 210.  


Always remember to Save any assignment chains you make. 

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