This article will provide directions on how to create related connections in Outcomes.  There are two types of Connection: Assigned and Related.  The process for creation is slightly different for each one. 

The steps discussed below represent best practice and are the recommended process to use to make related connections in Outcomes.

Making Related Connections

Navigate to the appropriate organizational unit or course and click on the appropriate Learning Outcome that you want to measure. The learning outcome will be located in the Pending Connections tab located in the Context Panel on the right side of your platform.  Select the learning outcome in the Pending Connections tab.

  • In this example, ILO 1 Quantitative Reasoning can be found inn the Pending Connections tab for the economics Department. I already know I want to connect ILO 1 to the Economics Department PLO I Market Analysis.  


Select the Connections option and the select Relate to other outcomes



You will be brought to the Connections Window.  The existing outcomes from the chosen organizational unit will appear in the list on the right.  If you want to relate to an outcome at another organizational unit or course nested below the current organization, navigate the organizational chart on the left side of your page.  The options of outcomes to relate to will change according to the organizational unit or course you have selected. Once you have the correct outcome, select the Add button.

  • In this example, I am going to relate to the Market Analysis learning outcome. 


The related connection will then appear in the Relate Preview window at the bottom of the page.  Review the connection and if it is correct, click Submit.

  • In this example the preview looks correct, when I hit submit the related connection will occur and data will automatically be passed through the connection.  



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