Editing Connections

You can always go back and edit either type of connection after it has been made.  You can add additional connections or remove some or all of the connections.  To remove or delete connections, please see the resource for Deleting Connections.  

To edit connections, navigate to the appropriate organizational unit/course where you want to make changes.  This could be anywhere in the Connection Path, including the end point. Click on the learning outcome.  

Once at the appropriate unit, open the learning outcome and click on the Edit Connections button which will take you back to the Connections Window for either assigned connections or related connections.  The process is the same for each one.

  • In this example, I have navigated to the Economics Department and selected the Quantitative Reasoning learning outcome.  Once I select the Edit Connections button, I will be able to edit the connections.  


Please note, when assigning connections, the learning outcome and assessment data is associated with the learning outcome statement.  If you Delete an assigned connection, this act will remove the learning outcomes statement, assessment data, and assessment results from the unis lower down on the assignment chain.  For more information on deleting connections, please see this article.  

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