This article will describe the process of assigning permissions to academic programs.  If you are unfamiliar with the user roles and permissions, please see the article on Permission Levels in Outcomes. 

Assigning Permissions

Once in the permissions settings area, users can be assigned permissions levels as they would for any organizational unit or course. 




Inherited Permissions

Permission levels that require a location (Admin, Creator, Viewer) are inherited by organizational units and courses nested below the original permission level location on the organizational chart.  Permissions cascade down the organizational structure.  This does NOT occur with academic programs. 

Granting a user permission to the academic program does not also give the user the same permission level for the courses grouped together in the academic program file.  

Courses do not become nested under the academic program when included in the file.  The academic program does not own the courses.  The academic program file simply opens up another data pathway.  Only assessment data, and not permissions, flow along this path.  

This is the same reason why the courses grouped in an academic program file do not appear under the academic program on the organizational chart.  Instead, users must click on the Graduation Cap icon in the Context panel to see the courses grouped together for the academic program file.




Permission to courses must be assigned to the course specifically or cascade down through inherited permissions according to the original course nesting decisions. 


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