When a learning outcome is written, the platform will provide immediate feedback as to what level of knowledge in the Cognitive Domain of Bloom's Taxonomy the outcome statement would best fit.  The different categories will depend on which type of Bloom's taxonomy the Site Admin has chosen for a campus.  For Site Admins, please use the Guide to Bloom's Taxonomy Settings to make selections. 

The individual outcome statement will be tagged with the corresponding label that will appear beneath the learning outcome statement to the right of the gray pyramid icon.


This is an institution wide setting.  Every outcome statement will be tagged using the chosen classification system, regardless of location on the Organizational Chart.  

In an effort to make outcomes statements meaningful and measurable, the platform will provide various error messages when a learning outcomes statement cannot be correctly categorized or if it contains errors.  A yellow pyramid icon indicates the outcome statement has room for improvement.  


  • Uncategorized - This error message indicates that the learning outcome statement could not be categorized according to Bloom's Taxonomy.  
  • Nonfunctional Verb(s) - This outcome used verbs that cannot accurately measure learning. 

 In the platform, a user can always hover their mouse over the error tag to see a description of the full message.  



These messages are intended to offer feedback as a means to improve learning outcomes and to make them meaningful and measurable.  An error message will not prevent or inhibit any functionality within the platform.  



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