Reminder Email Notifications

Site administrators of an institutions Outcomes site now have the ability to enable site-wide email notifications. Outcomes will auto-generate a reminder email to users that have permissions as an administrator or creator of an organizational unit, program, course or section if no results have been added to an assessment by the reminder date.

An example of such an email can be viewed below.

Assignment Email Notifications

In addition to reminding users of the need to provide results for their outcomes, email notifications can be enabled to be sent out to a user for whenever an outcome has been assigned to their organizational unit to assess. Outcomes will send notification emails to an administrator or creator of an organizational unit, program, course, or section when an outcome has been assigned.

Click here for additional details on how Outcomes site administrators can enable email notifications.

An example of such an email can be viewed below.

Assessment Degree of Learning

The Outcomes application was created with the intention of helping institutions gain deeper insight into the achievement of stated learning outcomes for departments, programs, courses, sections and the institution. The ability to connect outcomes and assessments across an entire institution is something that few institutions have been able to do before Outcomes.

It is this reason we have introduced a new data point to be collected for each assessment. Users of Outcomes will now be able to provide the degree of learning (introduced, reinforced, mastered) for each assessment. We hope this aids in the interpretation of assessment results for a given assessment.

Outcome Filter

In an effort to improve user focus while working in Outcomes we are introducing the ability to filter Outcomes for a given unit by those that have been assessed, assigned or related to another outcome. If all three filters are unchecked then the remaining outcome(s) are those created by the given unit and have yet to collect any results.

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