The home screen of Outcomes provides an immediate view the information most campuses are looking to report on:


Learning data

  • Visualization of which outcomes have data associated and which do not.
  • Visualization of how many students have met or not met each outcome.


  • The total number of outcomes scheduled for data collection.
  • The percentage (and raw number) of how many scheduled outcomes contain data.

You can look at this information based on your chosen timeframe by toggling the “term” between semesters and years.

Two types of labels are also provided for each outcome statement:

  • Level on Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Level of learning (introduced, reinforced, mastered).


By clicking on the Activity tab, you can quickly see who has been working with the outcomes and when they did it:


 Click on the Taxonomy tab to see:

  • How all the outcomes statements in a given unit are dispersed across Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Which statements are not measurable, uncategorized, or in multiple categories and for what reason(s)


 A simple toggle will give you an aggregate view of all outcome statements contained under a particular unit:

Click on the Curriculum Map tab to see:

  • An auto generated curriculum map for the selected unit that is created through connection of outcomes by either assignment or related.
  • Click on the check mark to see additional details for the outcome and its assessments.


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