To add results, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the name of the outcome
  2. Identify the assessment to add results to
  3. Click on “Add results” located to the right of your assessment
  4. Complete Results form
  5. Click “Submit” 


Entering Results

Users have three choices for the method in which they can enter assessment results in the Results Template. To enter results, users must first have written an outcome and must have created an assessment for that outcome. To enter results, users should select Add Results to the right of an assessment to open the Results Template. If users are interested in learning more about Creating and Using Thresholds when entering assessment data, please see the Creating and Using Thresholds article.


Users will then see three different options for the method in which they want to enter results. From here users will click on the desired method to enter results and follow the proceeding. If a user does not see any of the below options, this means the option has not been enabled for your campus.

For more information on adding results in these three ways please see:

Entering Results- Total Achievement Levels

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