Note: The Curriculum Map report is only available to users with administrator access within the application. Please reach out to your institution's site administrator to adjust your access if needed.

Accessing the Curriculum Map

   • Click on the appropriate level in your org chart given your access
   • Click on “Curriculum Map”

Reading the Curriculum Map

   • Outcomes: Statement titles located across the top of the grid.
   • Courses: Listed along the left-hand side of the grid.
   • Blue Boxes/Black Check Mark: Indicates the outcome is being assessed within that particular course or course section.

Navigating the Curriculum Map

  • Outcomes: Click on any outcome title to navigate to the location of that outcome within the site.
  • Assessment Details: Click on any of the checked boxes in the grid to open up the Details window. Shows full outcome statement and visualizations of related assessment and measure data for that outcome.
  • Click on “View Assessment” to navigate to the assessment details within the site.

To download the curriculum from Outcomes simply click the “Download CSV” button to export a copy of your Curriculum Map as a CSV file.

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