It is common for an outcome(s) to be assessed across multiple years. Within the Outcomes application users with permission levels of either "administrator" or "creator" within a given organizational unit can choose to copy outcomes from one academic year to another.

Before it is possible to copy an outcome the following must happen:

  • The Data Manager for your institution needs to have uploaded more than one Academic Year into Core Data through our Data Management tool.
  • In addition to your Data Manager uploading an additional year(s) into Core Data, your institution's Site Administrator will need to initialize that new year within Outcomes before it is available to users. 

Once you confirm that the new academic year appears within the term selector, you can then choose which outcome(s) to copy by clicking on the "Add Learning Goal" dropdown and selecting "Copy Learning Goal." By default, the available outcomes to copy will be  set to “All,” which allows the user to choose which outcomes they want to copy into the selected year from all other years outcomes. If the user wants to bring over specific outcomes from a previous academic year they can filter the list to show only outcomes created in a given year.


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