Connecting Outcomes

It is very common to share responsibility for a given outcome at various levels of an institution. A great example of this would be general education. An institution may develop six general education outcomes and the responsibility to assess them is shared across the institution in a variety of ways. The Outcomes application makes it very easy to collect assessment data for an outcome from various assessments and units across throughout the institution. This is accomplished in two ways, either assigning an outcome or relating an outcome.

Outcomes allows a user who has either Administrator or Creator permissions at a given level of an institution's organizational tree to:

  • assign an outcome to a unit(s) of the organizational tree that are below them in the organizational tree. This assignment is a request for data and any organizational unit can decide to fulfill the request or assign the outcome even further down the organizational tree.



  • It also allows these same users to (2) relate an outcome to another outcome.  This allows the results of an assessment a unit may have already performed for one of it's own outcomes to be used for another outcome.



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