The scale is a universal setting within Outcomes and will be set during implementation of the site.

The following features of the scale are customizable:

   • Scale Units : 2 - 5 point scale (e.g., Met/Not Met vs. Exceeded/Met/Partially Met/Not Met)
   • Scale Unit Names: The names of each unit in your scale can be edited to reflect the language of your campus assessment culture. (e.g., Achieved vs. Met)
   • Scale Midpoint: The line that separates meeting and not meeting an outcome

is determined during implementation. Any adjustments to the number of units that fall above or below the line will be reflected in the color representing it in visual displays throughout the site.

To ensure the integrity of your data, once data is collected in your site, the scale is frozen for the year. Adjustments to the scale can be made on an annual basis by reaching out to your Campus Labs consultant.

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