If you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could easily view an outcome’s success over time,” we read your mind. Or, more likely, you told us, and we listened. 

Now, when you navigate inside of any outcome, you’ll see a new option for “term” and “longitudinal.” The term tab displays outcome data just as it did in the past. When you access the longitudinal tab, there will be a settings area for that outcome where you can select the time period(s) you want to include in your report. That means if you collected data for an outcome in 20182019, and 2020 you will be able to choose any (or all) of that data for your report.  

You’ll be able to view this data visually by percentage and by count. These views will allow your institution to identify the trend of your outcome performance and make adjustments where needed, as well as identify how much data is being collected in each term to ensure accuracy. 

As always, we welcome and encourage ideas and feedback from you. If you have any suggestions, please send us an Idea submission. 

Happy reporting, 

The Anthology Team 

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