Longitudinal reports are available for individual outcomes. To view the report, just click to view any outcome statement and you'll see an option in the top right with a tab for "term" and "longitudinal." Once you select the "longitudinal" tab, you'll immediately see the relevant data for that outcome over time. If the outcome has existed for more than one year, you can select up to 5 years to compare, by using the Report Settings section above the graph.

**Please note that an outcome must be copied at least once to have multiple years that can be selected, new outcomes will only have one year available in the report.

The longitudinal report has two views:

  1. Percentage
  2. Count

Example Longitudinal Report

The percentage view will display the outcome results for each term out of 100%. The y-axis of the graph is broken up by good performance vs poor performance. Good performance results will appear on the graph above the 0 indicator, poor will appear below. This view will provide you with more of an apples to apples comparison to more easily see what direction performance is trending.

The count view will display the specific number of assessed results for each threshold (e.g. not met, met, exceeded). This will provide you with a view that better illustrates your institutions collection and amount of results in each term.

Below the visualizations, you'll find tables that spell out all of the information pictured above. Each threshold will have a percentage and a count of assessments, which will appear within parenthesis, such as: 90% (35). Terms that have not collected results within a selected time period will still be displayed, you will see the description text of "outcome has no results."

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