There are several formats an institution can collect information regarding Learning Outcome Assessments. Attached to this article are examples shown in the Planning module format. Below you'll find a description of why we think these are great examples!

LO Assessment - 1 

(Created by a private, 4-year, & religiously affiliated institution)

  • This form provides the user an opportunity to perform curriculum mapping by providing fields for the faculty to identify which particular courses the outcome is being assessed in.
  • This form allows a user to note which semester, specifically, the outcome is assessed in; many institutions choose to alternate reporting on specific outcomes on a semester or annual basis.
  • Noting the number of students being assessed can provide accountability in reporting quantitative results. 

LO Assessment - 2

(Created by a private, 4-year institution)

  • This institution requires that faculty assess a student learning outcome in two ways, so fields are provided and titled to indicate that requirement. A third, optional field is also available.
  • Indicating the Assessment Type--Indirect or Direct--allows the staff to filter reports one particular type.
  • In addition to improving student learning and the assessment process, the institution asks faculty to discuss how the results are going to be shared otherwise--whether they will be shared publicly via marketing, used for funding opportunities or for teaching other professionals. A choice field was used to indicate these uses to filter reports on the various avenues.

LO Assessment - 3

(Created by a public, 2-year, technical college)

  • This form is a great example of using Planning as a project management piece--several custom choice fields were created so faculty and administrators could go through a collaborative review process. Three of the custom choice fields indicate approval or progress of the form or outcome.
  • The Results Indicator custom choice menu is a great way for filtering reports and dividing SLOs into groups.
  • Adding options to the Progress fields turns a required, and underutilized, field into one with a great purpose.
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