Use the information below to assist you as you customize the templates within the Outcomes site.  Screenshots below show what each form looks like with all fields turned on (and all settings enabled).  Below each image is also a list of options that appear within any drop-down menu item.  Note, these options within the drop-down are not customizable.  Any field with an * (asterisk) is mandatory but can be renamed to accommodate your needs and reflect the language of your campus culture. The instructions can also be customized.


Template #1: Outcome


Degree of Learning:  Introduced, Reinforced, Mastered


Template #2: Assessment





  • Candidacy Exam
  • Certification Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Exam
  • Final Exam
  • National Assessment
  • Practical Exam
  • Professional Exam
  • Quiz
  • Standardized Test
  • Test


  • Advisory Feedback
  • Focus Group
  • Interview Participation
  • Survey Questionnaire


  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Clinical Work
  • Demonstration
  • Exhibition
  • Internship Work
  • Laboratory Work
  • Performance
  • Poster Session
  • Practicum
  • Recital
  • Simulation


  • Article Review
  • Capstone Project
  • Case Studies
  • Document Analysis
  • Essay
  • Field Report
  • Group
  • Individual Project
  • Journal
  • Multimedia
  • Portfolio
  • Reflection
  • Report
  • Thesis


  • Aggregate
  • Briefing
  • Checklist
  • Class Participation
  • Independent Study
  • Learning Contract
  • Meeting Records
  • Needs Assessment
  • Quick Assessment


Delivery format: Paper, Computer Adaptive Test, Uploaded Assignment, Aggregate

Degree of Learning:  Introduced, Reinforced, Mastered


Template #3: Results


Scoring Method: Testing Instrument, Evaluator Observation, Rubric, Pre/Post-Test Comparison, External Benchmark Comparison

Use of Results: This field allows the user to create a checklist.

Results template when entering in Total Achievement Levels:



*Results template when entering in Individual Student Scores:


*If your campus included enrollments in your Core Data the course rosters for your faculty members will be prepopulated based on that information.


*Results template when Importing scores from a Campus Labs Rubric:




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